"Stuck in the Drive-Through" with Chip and Marc...on 91.7 WNJR-FM

Stuck In the Drive-Through
wins WNJR "Talk Show of the Year" 09-10
for the second year straight!!!


Recent interview with Chelsea Krost will be posted in a few days. Check her out on the web at www.chelseakrost.com


We interviewed Lizzie Rasmuson in 2010 when she made headlines by making a prom dress out of '5' gum wrappers. She is now selling these custom items on http://wrappedupremedies.yolasite.com/

=== The Beginning ===

What started out as a nightly talk session in the common area between Beau, Marshall, and Alexander Halls on the Washington & Jefferson College campus, has turned into a weekly radio show on 91.7 WNJR-FM Washington, PA. The show airs every Thursday, 5-6pm and is hosted by Scott "Chip" Wallace and Marc Koszak. The hosts are also known as "The Count" Chip Wallace and "DJ Kostaccio".

In the beginning, Chip and Marc would meet outside the residence halls of W&J every night to talk about anything. Topics ranged from current events, college roommates current and past, life outside of college, and thoughts of a radio show. This radio show idea became a reality. Undergoing four different tests, Chip and Marc passed. On the 30th of October, 2008, Stuck In The Drive-Through premiered. Stuck in the Drive-Through won the WNJR Talk Show of the Year for 2008-2009 & 2009-2010.


=== Currently ===

Stuck in the Drive-Through is a weekly, vaguely informative news show.  Topics range from bizarre news stories we've found on the web to a discussion of our latest finds at Goodwill and Big-Lots.  We hold very little back from our listening audience and still some how manage to stay within FCC guidelines. Listen to us on Thursdays from 5-6pm on 91.7fm, Washington, Pennsylvania and it is broadcast from the Washington Trust Building. One of our most recent interviews via Skype was David R. Holsinger, composer/conductor of bands for Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. Occasionally, J.T. Gralka provides commentary along with Johnny Morgan (of the Oldies Jukebox, the show right after Stuck In the Drive-Through).

Some of the topics included during Stuck In The Drive-Through:


* Stock Market updates

* Interviews

* Songs

* Stories of the day

* Funny Classified Ad

* Buy of the Week

* Themed Shows (ie: Christmas Special ''air date 12/04/08'', Rastafarian Show "air date 4/30/09", Tom Petty show "air date 1/20/11", and Dave Matthews Band show "air date 12/03/09" )